Centralized Session Management with Spring Session & Redis


Probable Solutions

  1. Centralized Sessions — Maintain sessions in a common location for all instances to share.
  2. Consistent Hashing — Load balancer decides which instance to send the request to.

Architecture for Microservices

  1. Zuul Gateway
  2. UI Microservice
  3. Eureka Microservice

How does Centralized Sessions work in Spring?

How does this work?

  1. We inform Spring that sessions will now be cached in Redis.
  2. Spring receives a request.
  3. Spring Security kicks in and user is authenticated.
  4. Spring Session object is serialized and saved in the cache.
  5. Client gets a cookie with the Session ID.
  6. Client then sends the session id for further requests.
  7. Any instance of the UI Service will check in the cache for a session object against the Session ID provided by the client.
  8. Session object is de-serialized and reused.


UI Service

Gradle dependencies for UI Service
Spring-Boot Main Class
bootstrap.properties or application.properties


New keys generated for user thussaid




I like building stuff.

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Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma

I like building stuff.

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